Saturday, December 14, 2013

So which Social Media do you use?

Hi all.  Just got out of a webinar on Social Media and am overwhelmed with the thought of doing all this at once.  One of the person’s answer to that dilemma is not do everything but do what you do well.  Ergo, I’m sticking to my Facebook, Linked In and monthly newsletter.  Since the webinar leaders and my closest writer ally, Leona Goodison Grieve(author of , Secret Lives of Horse Trailers and Celtic Yearbook) advises that “real writers blog”….maybe a twist on “real men eat veggie burgers?”.  And there’s Karen Karbo, author of the KickAss Women series, who either wrote the book on social media or people are stealing from her posts to learn the key to success. I came to Karbo’s work through her book on Chanel…it was a KickAss start to Project Runaway. Like her, we need to ask questions.  Karbo asks about books.  She asks about “living life to the fullest”.  Who wouldn’t engage in that conversation?  What do you all do to sell more product, be it books or as Sandi Hasson , who runs an NGO for babies(BeBe Quilt) who shows beautiful pictures of quilts from BeBe covering her babies… So much to learn!

My novels have benefitted from Facebook.  Industry connections have found me through linked-in.  Do I want Twitter?  How many of you use it and do you have time to do the analytics on it or do you just cross your fingers.  Like most of you out there, I love to write, read or speak and I need my time and space to do that! Do you do Pinterest?  And is Instagram hard? Google Plus, they say, is worth the trouble because “Google loves Google”.  I guess their analytics gives us access to circles, ripples and targets.   Please comment below.  (And not for my analytics….just because I’m curious!).

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