Saturday, February 2, 2013

Anne's Way

From January 16, 2013

Another, blog, you groan. And from an author. More words....More madness. No, I promise you, not just drivel.  Drop by once or twice a week when I refresh the news on this side of the internet (Proust is my hero....and Swann was a cool guy...hence the title above) what you read will be short informative and intriguing.  

This week, think about the Northwest. A hotbed for creativity.  I've had the pleasure this week of reading three very different and excellent books, all by Northwestern authors: Anna Brentwood's "A Songbird with Sapphire Eyes" which makes one scream for Eliot Ness to save this woman from the mob; 

Nancy Rommelmann's "Transportation Stories" are a collection of 21st Century Allegories and, believe me, I thought the skill of writing allegories died centuries ago.  Refreshing our look at multi-layered stories, Rommelmann reminds us of society's ills. 

Finally, the finest of textbooks William Hertling's "Indie and Small Press Book Marketing teaches creatives--artists, authors, anyone--how to sell their widget effectively using all of the resources out there on the net and inside the mind.  

Hence the blog!  Certainly there are others of you who like a good read; need some fine lessons on marketing and long for the literature of days gone by. If the fun of reading and learning is not enough reason to walk toward "Anne's Way" have a look at this TED video that my physician recommended to me after I told her, that like most right-brained people, I got lost driving around the parking lot.  Listen to "Stroke of Insight" by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, and feel better about being lost...

Do come back.  I'm headed to California to read and sign my new book "A Dream of Good and Evil" I hope to have you visit after I return.

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